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Your Restaurant Equipment Checklist

Starting a restaurant is an exciting experience and endeavor, and there’s so much that you can do and enjoy when you do it. That being said, it is also not necessarily the easiest thing to do and, as a result, you have a lot of things that you want to look at and consider before you get started.

If you’re getting ready to start that restaurant, you need the right tools and equipment. Here’s a quick list of some of the restaurant equipment near miami that you may want to add to your checklist before you get everything else going.

Commercial Refrigerators

You want to be certain that you have somewhere that you can store your food without any problems. Commercial refrigerator and freezer combos are absolutely essential, and you want to be sure that you find one that’s large enough for the food that you want to have for cooking and serving. Install that commercial fridge and you’ll be ready to go. Freezers are good, too, because they can allow you to keep extra food stored properly.

Ice Machine

You may not consider an ice machine at first, but they are absolutely essential at any restaurant. Not only will you be using it when you’re serving pitchers or drinks, but you will also be using it in order to chill certain foods as well. If you don’t have an ice machine that is always storing and making ice that you and your bartenders are able to utilize when needed, then you will find that it’s a little more frustrating to try and run things. Get a high quality ice machine that is the right size for your establishment.

Preparation Equipment

restaurant equipment near miamithings you need to run your own restaurant

The prep area is just as important as the area that you’re going to be cooking in. You want to have all of the items that you may need in order to have a prepared kitchen. This may include basic things, like serving spoons, wooden spoons, cutting boards, knife sets, and whatever else is necessary in regards to your preparation. This may also include other prep equipment options, like mixers, blenders, rolling pins, and whatever else your cooks are going to need in order to prepare all of the delicious food you’ve got on your menu.

Cooking Equipment

Now that you’ve got all that, it’s finally time to cook! At this point, you want to look for the cooking equipment and appliances that you need in order to get things going. This includes items like your grill, oven, deep-fryer, and even your microwave. You can finally set up your kitchen and ensure that you’ll be ready to go on opening day!

There are all sorts of things you need to run your own restaurant, and this list is just the beginning. Look around and do research on what it is that you want to include in regards to your cooking needs. Then, when all is said and done, you’ll be ready to make some choices and get your restaurant off of the ground.