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Blue Bayou Island Food Blues

Once a year is all the folks can take. This here is your annual vacation. And many of you reading this right now can only go so far. But who the heck does not go to Hawaii on their annual vacation. If you are already located along the east coast, then the flight is manageable. You’ll be there in a matter of hours. But on the other side of the world if you will, it’s your annual vacation for crying out loud, an overnight trip or two is surely worth putting up with until you finally embark on the sunny tarmac to receive your customary garland of colorful petals. And say aloha! Not sayonara. You’ll be staying here at least a couple of weeks, making every hour really worth the while.

Now, vacations make you pretty hungry, really hungry, even more hungry than you would normally get on a normal working day. So, say cheese to your traditional hawaiian food lihue hi burger. Yup, everyone in America loves their burgers, even in Hawaii. And didn’t you know, those folks there may have ancient roots that are unique to all those far-flung islands that would take days and weeks to reach if you were traveling, like them, by canoe. But they’re still proudly American! And what Americano does not like his burger or dog with relish.

hawaiian food lihue hi

It is a national pastime. That quick grab as you go dog when you take your lunchtime break. And that’s even when your momma already packed you in a homemade wholesome (healthy?) lunch. But nothing stopping you going healthy and vegan with traditional Hawaiian food. Instead of the pork bangers for your dog, you can take the grilled pineapple rings any day. And instead of fries, it’s going to be lightly battered onion rings.